Enter the wizzyverse

A No-Compromise Approach to Metaverse Avatars. Don’t Choose Between Utility, Value and Fun!

A metaverse project must be built with the core values of bringing utility, engagement, and value to the consumer. A project built on the fundamentals of fun and connecting with the community will always outlive lesser projects. In The Wizzyverse, we focus on you as we build strong client relationships with the individuals in our community, as well as the B2B community to develop for the future.

A group of coloured wizzies


Scope of project


SANDBOX.GAME - User Avatars

Designed with the spirit of community in The Sandbox, Wizzy NFTs are the first community-driven assets ever created by and for The Sandbox fans. As an extension of art originally designed by Alex Florez, these avatars will be usable in the Metaverse and represent the first step into the larger Wizzyverse as a utility token, access pass, and a celebration of three years of community growth around the Wizzy character.

Owners of this token will receive early access to Wizzyverse experiences in The Sandbox, exclusive airdrops, free and discounted physical merchandise and special real-world events.


SANDBOX.GAME - Experiences

Manifesting from the very core of The Sandbox community, Wizzy is first a video game character, and is focused on fun! Designed by the top creators in the Metaverse, the Wizzyverse will expand across all genres of gameplay and entertainment. Initially launching with the reveal of a game never before seen in The Sandbox, then expanding into Social experiences and Contests, users can discover new utility, events, and showcase their Wizzy assets together with the community that started it all.

Wizzyverse experiences will kick-off with The Sandbox’s first-ever roguelike IP “0xSeeker”, holiday events, live stream party locations, and celebrations of the community that brings life to the Wizzyverse. Holders should expect featured locations within the Wizzyverse for showcasing their passion projects, regular updates to the Wizzyverse from within the metaverse, and exceptionally high-skill challenges with rewards valued on-par with the top Blue Chip projects in NFT history.


EXPANDED METAVERSE - Interoperability

The Wizzyverse will not stop at or within the walls of one Metaverse or another. Offering interoperability is core to your NFT and enjoying the Wizzyverse whether you’re playing in The Sandbox Game, Otherside, you’re a Flickygang member, you love flying around in Star Atlas, or something more!

Wizzy will be with you wherever our community is, so long as partners allow. Our team has strong working relationships with multiple brands and metaverses, bringing your favorite projects closer than ever.



Dedicated holders of Wizzyverse assets can expect various physical rewards, discounted by initial and secondary market sales.

Core to our values as creators and a team, the Wizzyverse should be a welcoming environment for all, including “flippers” in the NFT market. As a holder, you should not feel negatively impacted by someone raising the price so high you can’t buy your third NFT, cutting the floor price of your assets, sweeping the floor, or otherwise trading.

In order to embrace this process, Wizzyverse Physicals projects will make up 20% of all Net earned revenue from initial sales and secondary trading. Wizzyverse Events projects (in person) will make up an additional, separate 20% of all Net earned revenue from secondary trading, and 20% of the initial budgeted earnings.

These budgeting principals will result in a lifetime of rewards to collect for long-term holders, which may include figurines, wearables, special edition electronics, posters, and other unique rewards subject to determination by the community and participating partners.



VISION - Wizzy Leads the Way

Initially modeled with viewer input on The Sandbox’s official live stream between May 23rd and June 20th, 2020, Wizzy is a first generation native Asset of The Sandbox ecosystem. January 16th, 2021, Wizzy became a globally loved asset given free each week. Since his creation, Wizzyverse assets have expanded into Metaverse wearables, magical items, and even the highest SAND price item ever sold on The Sandbox marketplace. Aside from live stream giveaways, Wizzyverse NFTs have been a part of SAND staking pool liquidity rewards, creator award shows, and official Alpha season experiences. The creation of this Wizzy 10K project represents the beginning of a new chapter of community focus for the Wizzyverse.

Taking on a life of its own, the Wizzy 10K Avatar Project transitions the Wizzyverse from an organic, community created IP, into a globally recognized Metaverse NFT. Your Wizzy should be not only a reflection of yourself, but of your history and experience, as well as the history of The Sandbox itself. Built by Alex “KamiSawZe” Florez, the original Wizzy artist created the template for world-class IP design as a Lead Artist for The Sandbox, including voxelizing brands such as Carebears, Smurfs, RTFKT (Nike) assets, Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids, Deadmau5, Avenged Sevenfold and more. This high-quality design pedigree and B2B partnership history is the backbone of Wizzyverse.

Wizzy 10K Avatars will be the first Avatars in The Sandbox Game to be upgraded as what we define as a Premium+ Avatar. Never has an Avatar sold in the Metaverse existed as both a usable player-character, but also play outside of The Sandbox, and real-world utility all together. We’re staying true to our roots with Wizzy utility, while bringing prestige to an already vibrant ecosystem.


SANDBOX.GAME - User Avatars

Wizzy NFTs are the first community-driven assets ever created by and for fans of The Sandbox. As an extension of art originally designed by Alex Florez, these user avatars will be usable in the Metaverse and represent the first step into the larger Wizzyverse as a utility token, access pass, and a celebration of the multi-year community engagement reward in The Sandbox Game.

Owners of this token will receive Access to multiple multi-year gated The Sandbox experiences, airdrops, physical merchandise, cross-metaverse assets and utility, and special events.


SANDBOX.GAME - User Avatars

With the complete sale of the Wizzy 10K Avatar Project, IP creators The Council will Gross an estimated $1,250,000 US Dollars before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA). As with any fundamentally sound project, these earnings should be focused on the development of the project. A strong focus on Utility must lead the way in all development, partnerships, assets and acquisitions from these funds.


WIZZYVERSE ASSETS - Various Products

As leaders, builders, innovators, and community pillars in the Metaverse space, our team is dedicated to an extensive Product Growth that will bring value to our community. Through ownership of your Avatar, users should be able to enjoy a host of events, representation, promotion opportunities, and Interoperability events.

The Wizzyverse is not an idea, but the execution of a vision. Before the release of this paper, before the first purchase of any Wizzy Avatar, our team is already expanding the Wizzyverse. We’re building Utility. We’re building partnerships. We’re building the future, because growth is a lifestyle and a mindset. Funding doesn’t change the fundamentals for founders.



Owners of the Wizzy will have access to Cross-Metaverse Interoperability and increased NFT value via airdrops. Owning a Wizzy 10K Avatar in The Sandbox ecosystem will not limit holders to one Metaverse.

Our team is committed to bringing the most high-fidelity, highly entertaining, and top-quality Utility to the Wizzyverse, no matter which platform users play on. Funding for the Wizzyverse will always be first and foremost used to bring holders into the cutting edge of the Metaverse with one simple token. Upon initial sale, the Wizzyverse will extend to the three most high-profile projects in the Metaverse space. First, as the bleeding edge of financial fundamentals and beauty in Unreal Engine 5.2, your Wizzy will take you to space in Star Atlas.

Next at the peak of the Metaverse mountain, The Sandbox is our home. It is the largest Metaverse by project number and partnerships. We’ll develop at least 9 LANDs into full and unique experiences through 2025, with special events, rewards, and bonus content exclusive to Wizzyverse holders. Further, Wizzyverse holders will also be given exclusive first access to a full, high-quality Armor and Weapon set inside The Sandbox, with an estimated Secondary average value of 150 $SAND per item, based on existing valuation of Wizzy wearable item assets. When developers on the platform allows, these assets give a provable advantage in Single Player experiences in The Sandbox, free with your Wizzy. It is our intention to give back to the community that brought Wizzy to life, and with these 6 piece item sets, holders will be whitelisted to be airdropped at a later date an estimated 900 $SAND worth of items in The Sandbox ecosystem simply for holding their Wizzy at the 7th day after mint.

Finally, as the most premiere brand in all Crypto, YugaLabs is bringing the most high-profile multiplayer gaming experience in Metaverse history to Otherside. With highly customizable experiences and characters, the Wizzyverse will go to the Otherside, dedicating significant development funds for your Wizzy and our Clubhouse, as tools become available on the platform.



VISION - Wizzy Leads the Way

As with all projects, NFT projects should be considered as a business funding model. You as a holder deserve to know that a plan can and will be executed, and that a team can afford to execute that plan while you enjoy the benefits. Thanks to NFT technology and the blockchain, we have an opportunity as The Council to bring value to you and bring a budget to the table that makes sense. With as many as 18 Utility events and as many as 9 limited time Metaverse events planned over just two years, your Wizzy should be not only an enjoyable piece of the Metaverse, but one of the most prestigious and value-adding items in any NFT collection.

In the venture to bring the Wizzyverse to the top of the NFT market today and tomorrow, we will invest in promotion, utility, staffing, and secondary marketplace incentivization to help preserve strong funding throughout the life of the project, and that Wizzy serves as Utility that brings greater value to holders for many, many years to come.


VARIOUS - Marketing

Core to any project, you’re reading this paper thanks to Marketing. Before initial funding, we’re spending Marketing dollars to ensure that the highest possible number of people see and understand what Wizzy will bring to their collection. You’re seeing this, because that Marketing works.

We’re setting aside $40,625 USD for 7 campaigns to help bring the Wizzyverse to market, including the Pre-Launch R1-R3 marketing budgets that helped you see this today, and Utility Promotion Marketing R1-R4 to bring deliverables to Secondary marketplace sales. Yes, that’s right. We’re investing in ensuring that sales don’t just succeed on Minting day, but that the Secondary marketplace and later adopters can understand the Utility of the Wizzyverse long after minting!


VARIOUS - Staffing Expense

A good project is only as good as its team. A team is only as good as its funding. We’re ensuring both are fantastic in the Wizzyverse.

The Wizzyverse is built by some of the top professionals in The Sandbox ecosystem today. Our staff, right now, works hard to help developers all over the world create the highest quality experiences possible. We test, break, build and refine experiences from Hong Kong to Paris, Buenos Aires to Los Angeles. The Council behind the Wizzyverse secured a $1m valuation before our first day of operation, and we’re not moving backwards.

From that security, we create this platform. From that financial management, we build great products. From those great products, you will see a budgeted $203,125 worth of development on our team, dedicated to bringing you experiences you cannot unlock without your Wizzy Avatar. Our 9 dedicated projects, launching through 2025 in The Sandbox Game ecosystem will be funded from this $203,125 budget, as well as dedicated Account Management to bring partnerships and promotions to the Wizzyverse, and Community Managers to help onboard new users to platforms like Telegram, Discord, and manage social media on all platforms.

Later on in the roadmap, you’ll also enjoy community DAO development from this budget, where your Wizzy can join The Council to shape the future of the Metaverse! The Wizzyverse is made of its people, and development should bring value to the platform and its NFTs.


VARIOUS - Asset Utility

The number one question from all NFT holders. Utility. What games, experiences, or assets do we get from holding this NFT, and why will we keep holding this NFT next week? Next month? Next year?

Beyond our goal to continue to bring you value from the first day to the last in fun and engaging Metaverse experiences, we want to do more. We buy and hold NFTs every day. We understand what it means to bring value, and we’re bringing it to every holder. But before that, let’s blow your mind.

We’re starting off Utility with something you’ve likely never seen before.
We’re buying back Every. Single. Special. Avatar!

That’s right. You minted it, but we want it. Hopefully we don’t want it more than you want it, because we want it for rewards, so we’ll have to pay you enough to want to give it back. The Wizzyverse has 10,001 Wizzys. Of those, 16 are SPECIAL. All Wizzys are part of the Wizzyverse lore, but these Special Avatars are main characters in the ‘verse. So let’s talk $SAND.

If you were one of the first holders of Wizzy assets. If you joined us for the creation of the Wizzy the Blue back on that official The Sandbox live stream three years ago. If you’re holding a hat you won for free by watching those official shows. Hold any Wizzy asset from this collection at the time of our snapshot, and you pay only 400 $SAND tokens to mint. You’ll also get a 24 hour head start with a closed mint to reduce gas wars, and we will not be over-allocated. If you’re in, you’re in! If you’re joining us for the first time, your Wizzy is 500 $SAND. Don’t like paying in $SAND? We’ll have an $ETH option available as well, at a fixed price later determined. Thanks for being here. Now let us thank you in another way. If you mint one of our special Avatars, we have an offer for you waiting, placed exactly 7 days after all Wizzyverse assets mint-out.

Minting the “Prismatic Wizzy” Avatar – 135,417 $SAND ($40,000+ at time of writing)Minting other Special Wizzy Avatars – 9,028 $SAND ($2,700+ at time of writing)Offers will be given via

Yes. You read that correctly. If you’re minting one of these exceptional pieces, The Council would like to offer these special Avatars as unique prizes in upcoming contests. We would like to pair one Wizzy with each of our 9 dedicated experiences in The Sandbox Game, for giveaway to the community. That is only made possible if those who own these Avatars are willing to let them go when we make our offer on OpenSea.

If they don’t, our budget for your Wizzyverse only expands. Everyone wins, and that’s just the start.

“Wen Merch?”

The second most popular question in NFTs. We’re allocating immediately $97,500 towards the development, holder price savings, and distribution of Merch to holders as Art, Physicals, Wearables, and Other Merchandise, should the Wizzyverse mint out. This accounts for 20% of all Utility budget, from 40% of total project budget (see Spreadsheet on page 14). We want holders to continue to be rewarded with opportunities and swag as often as possible. All secondary sales will retain this exact percentage, increasing the budget for all Merch with every sale and resale. It is important to understand that creators and projects rely on Royalty Fees to fund these investments, so we’ll keep you updated via our exclusive holder communication channels with the revenue from these Royalty Fees as the project continues. Full disclosure is important to us, especially when it comes to your rewards as holders.

Like your Wizzy? You’ll love your second!

With TRILLIONS of possible combinations of Wizzy, you have something special. We’re allocating a $24,375 budget to ensure that your Wizzy feels as unique as it is. With a Custom Art NFT commission, you’ll get a hand-crafted piece of art inspired by your Wizzy delivered to your wallet! Whether you choose to show off your voxel Wizzy or the new 1/1 Art piece, you can proudly showcase that you were one of the first to ever hold this amazing collection.

To the Otherside

Wizzy means more than just a wizard inside The Sandbox Game. Our community lives in the Metaverse, socializes in experiences. We have children who don’t know, and parents who don’t understand what the Metaverse is yet. We’re onboarding people from Fortnite to Facebook. Let’s make sure we’re developing experiences not just inside The Sandbox Game, but other Metaverses as well, so that Wizzy is forever.

To that end, we’re committing as much as 10 ETH in total value to a Clubhouse Island inside The Otherside, created by Yuga Labs (Bored Ape Yacht Club). Why 10 ETH? Because Wizzy means more than living on the periphery. Your Clubhouse will be front-and-center in one of the most high-profile Metaverse spaces in the world, and playing with your friends, partying, or while enjoying life, Wizzy should be undeniable. This central location in the Yuga Metaverse will also be well developed. We’re allocating an additional $24,375 in development costs to ensure that your Social Hub, Games, and anything else we build to kick off the Otherside experience is a great time for everyone! YugaLabs is bringing the most high-profile multiplayer gaming experience in Metaverse history to Otherside. With highly customizable experiences and characters, the Wizzyverse will go to the Otherside, dedicating significant development funds for your Wizzy and our Clubhouse.

Wizzies in SPACE!

Knowing our history, you know that nobody at The Council does anything on a small scale. Not only will you be playing with Wizzy in The Sandbox Game and the Otherside, but you’ll also play somewhere unexpected.

We’re taking Wizzy to Space in Star Atlas. This Unreal Engine 5.2 game is the top-of-the-line in Metaverse fidelity, and the first ever game or Metaverse in Crypto to be released on the Epic Games Store! Star Atlas is also the first on-chain only game in Crypto, designed to be “serverless”. This means that once the software is released into Open Source function, the game can NEVER be turned off. An amazing feature in the decentralized future of play-and-earn gaming. After many years in the NFT space, we also dare say that there may not be a more complete team of developers working on a AAA Web3 project today. But we’ll hedge our bets and give you multiple choices anyhow!

With a budget of $19,500, you’ll have a home in one of the Central Space Stations to hang out with your friends and fellow Wizzy holders. This second clubhouse will be customized to showcase the best of the Wizzyverse as tools become available and will help you organize your adventures in space with other holders and friends, regardless of their faction. For those fans interested in and who understand the Star Atlas space, we’ll make this investment in the most popular CSS in Star Atlas today, the MUD faction. But we’re not done with Star Atlas. Not close.

You shouldn’t just have a nice place to hang out in a Metaverse you don’t know. You deserve a spaceship to fully enjoy the Star Atlas experience! We’re committing an additional $60,937.50 USD to the purchase of a fleet and Claim Stake assets for the Wizzyverse, not just for the temporary rewards of Wizzy holders, but to leverage the exceptional ecosystem of Star Atlas and guarantee we can do airdrop rewards for Wizzy holders from Day 1, through Day 1,000. Ownership of this stake will be released to the DAO upon development. Still, we’re not done.

You are one of up to 10,001 holders of Wizzy. Why not let your friends in Space see you casting magic in the Stars? The Star Atlas team and The Council have agreed to develop a limited NFT skin exclusive to Wizzyverse holders, which you can showcase on your brand-new ship! With a $19,500 budget, we’ll make sure to add one of these limited skins with every ship giveaway each time we send Wizzy holders into space. Enjoy the ride!

Flex on Flex

Since their early days working with The Sandbox Game, and their funding rounds filled by the likes of Disney, Flickplay has been at the forefront of AR technology. Why shouldn’t you be able to dance with your Wizzy in the real world? Bring it to life with our $3,046.88 development allocation fund. You’ll soon be bringing the world of the physical to your NFTs in many new ways.

Speaking of the Real World…

We’ve hosted panels. We’ve met you around the world. Nothing beats back the bear market or pumps a bull market like real world events! Come get reinvigorated with the Wizzyverse at some of the world’s most popular NFT events. We’ll be there with experiences exclusive to holders, ready to have the best time of your life!

Get excited, because we’re starting with the “small” stuff. Yes, after all this, our events may be the biggest piece yet. Let’s kick the door in and head to NFT London, NFT NYC, and Non-Fungible Tokyo on year one. What do you think? Step back into London in 2025 with a huge announcement, because if you thought the plans for this project ended with this Whitepaper…well. We’re allocating $12,187.50 per live event as Booth holders for the Wizzyverse, because we want to represent your Wizzyverse well, but we want to save a huge chunk of funding as a thank you to you. On top of all of everything you’ve already seen.

WizzyParis 2024. WizzyNYC 2024. Unparalleled.

Remember when we said that the Wizzyverse will be undeniable? We meant it! We’re hosting Community Appreciation Events in Paris and New York City in 2024, paired up with some of the largest NFT events in the world, with a nice budget for each event. Because you deserve nothing less.

In Paris, the heart of The Sandbox Game, we’ll party with the best in the world. $73,125 for venue, drinks, merchandise, and talent to blow the roof off any event! Featuring the entire The Council team, meet up with the crew that makes this amazing project work, and The Sandbox Staff that helped bring us together.

How do we do better in New York City? WE DO IT AGAIN IN AMERICA! Bring the entire Western Hemisphere together at NFT NYC with another $73,125 budget, new exclusive swag, connections and fun! Recharge your batteries after months of the grind with the best vacation you’ll ever have among friends!

And the Story Continues…

The community Is everything. You are everything. You make the Metaverse, you made Wizzy come to life, and you will help build The Wizzyverse. You should own it.

As the final piece, DAO development is essential. We’ll invest an additional $14,503.13 in software development for DAO tools to facilitate the transfer of the Wizzyverse into your hands, because with a successful plan, Wizzy means more than its plans or lore. Let’s bring the future together!

Open Development and Evolution

Of course, all said, the Wizzyverse will evolve, and your assets should as well. Before this paper is released, we’re actively developing unique visuals and traits for early adopters. Using IPFS storage of the imagery, videos, and other interpretations of your NFT, we can give you fun new ways to show off your Wizzy! As of today, those holders who mint their Wizzy within the first 48 hours of the contract going live will receive an exclusive animated background when searching their Wizzy on OpenSea and other NFT platforms supporting 3D viewing. We’ll bring more fun for you in the future and can’t wait to see you in the Wizzyverse!


Below is a fully detailed itemization of all income and expense reports for the above project.

wizzyverse project financial projections

To the extent that funding allows, The Council will execute all duties as detailed in this document. All items and itemization of financial data is hereby defined as a percentage of revenue as earned by the initial mint process, priced in $SAND cryptocurrency. Figures may be subject to change at the discretion of The Council, as necessary, at any time. Funding earned through secondary or third-party sales Royalty Fees may be distributed on a modified schedule not detailed herein.

Should The Council not reach funding goals based on the schedule as detailed above, The Council will execute the plan as written to the best of its ability, less executable line items as determined by asset Holders via Community Voting mechanism. The Council may execute any agreed upon contracts relevant to the terms of this schedule in priority according to contractually agreed terms, as to determine which executable lines may be eligible for vote via Community Voting mechanism.

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